About Us

Greystone Farm was established in 1995 when we began raising sheep primarily for wool. In 2006, we decided to transition to a dairy operation. After two years of planning, building, education, and breeding, we began milking late in the 2008 season.  Our dairy was the first Grade A sheep dairy licensed in Michigan by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

In 2009, we started Greystone Creamery, LLC. We began our cheese making with feta and cream cheese. This year we have expanded to include manchego and gouda style cheeses as well as camembert. In addition to using all of our sheep’s milk, we buy cow’s milk from a nearby cow dairy.

I have completed both the basic and advanced cheese-making courses at the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese (University of Vermont). For more information on these programs, see http://nutrition.uvm.edu/viac/

Ingredients We Use
We use milk from our sheep from March/April until they stop producing in August. We also purchase and use cow’s milk from the cow dairy located approximately one mile “down the road”.  We use no artificial ingredients, stabilizers, or preservatives.

Our Practices
Our sheep have access to pasture for grazing throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall(Winter if they choose too).  They receive grains and hay as needed. They receive no antibiotics or other medications to promote growth or increased milk production.